Maxton Hall Season 2 Release Date: A six-episode German romance series which is based on a best-selling book, ‘Save Me’ written by Mona Kasten has received a great response from the viewers and season 2 is much anticipated. The web series revolves around the relationship between a scholarship student named Ruby & an entitled rich kid named James.

They both belong to extremely different worlds and have different ways of living but still, they find themselves drawn to each other and despite encountering many challenges, at the end of the season they find their way back into one another which leads them to further doubt on their future with tragedies happening in their lives.

As the web series has already made its grip among the audience, recently, one of the fans asked about the release of it’s season 2 to which Amazon Prime has responded with a negative update. They informed us that till now they have no further updates regarding season 2 of the Maxton Hall web series but have requested the fans to stay tuned to get notified if there is any update.

Initially, when the show was released on Amazon Prime Video, it took no time to reach the show in the top 5 slot of Prime’s most popular movies & TV series list.

Season 1 concluded with Ruby and James finally coming back on track facing all the challenges. They get the news that Cordelia, his mother, had died due to suffering a stroke and then the show ends with Ruby being with her family.

Now the question arises what does their future hold for them? Are they going to separate again upon having such a loss and tense situation? When is Amazon Prime Videos Planning to release season 2? Is there a season 2 at all?

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Well, since there is no update regarding the same from the streaming platform, we can’t assure the same from our end but we are closely tracking the updates and will let you know here once it’s out. Most probably, if Prime plans to create its season 2 then we can expect the first episode to be out by no sooner than 2025.



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