Bobby Lytes is a participant in the E!’s reality show House of Villains. We see bad contestants from different reality shows participating in the show to earn the title of America’s Ultimate Supervillain and some money.

In the show, we see people from different reality shows such as Love is Blind, Bad Girls Club, The Apprentice, and many more.

House of Villains Bobby Lytes

Bobby Lytes is a rapper and TV personality. He became popular through the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Miami. He was the first cast member to be openly gay. The series shows his struggle in the hip-hop industry as he is gay. Bobby Lytes gets both loves and hates from the audience. Bobby Lytes doesn’t care what the audience will think before speaking. Some people also call him a clout chaser.

What’s the Age of Bobby Lytes?

He is 32 years old (as of now) and was born in Florida, US, on October 24 1990. He will soon turn 33-years-old.

Is Bobby Lytes Single?

As of now Bobby Lytes don’t have a boyfriend and he is single.

What’s the Instagram Account of Bobby Lytes?

Bobby has 1 million followers on Instagram.


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