Bloodhounds Episode 7 Recap And Ending Explained: After Woo-jin is admitted to the hospital and is bleeding heavily, and the doctors also say that they are short of blood due to COVID, his friends start panicking about what will happen next. Here, we are going to recap the seventh episode of the series, so let’s get started.

The episode starts at the hospital where Woo-jin’s operation is taking place, and they need more blood. Gun-woo donates his blood as his and Woo-jin’s blood group are the same. He says that they can draw as much blood as they can to save his friend’s life.

The show then takes a jump to the year 2021, where Woo-jin and Gun-woo are living with President Choi’s secretary and want to take revenge on Myeong-gil. They visit Mr. Choi’s tombstone and find Heyong-jo’s letter there. In the letter, she writes that she is leaving for Rome and will never return. Choi’s secretary gives them the remaining money, and they leave for Seoul, where they meet Mr. Choi’s granddaughter, Do-min, who used to be an archer.

The boys start researching Myeong-gil and find out that Mr. Oh has arranged an expensive sports car for them. They form an alliance to fight against Myeong-gil and discover that he has exploited everyone. They visit Jae-myeong, who tells them that Myeong-gil still takes money from people the same way he did before, and Joo-min is still alive even though his throat was slashed.

The Ending

Meanwhile, Min-beom is being beaten up by Myeong-gil to make him sign the hotel papers. He then texts his brother Gang-yong, who knows about the boys, and they both decide to meet them. Gang-yong calls them to a bar and offers them a drink. Woo-jin says that his liver is injured, so he can’t drink, but Gun-woo decides to drink and consumes three bottles.

The next morning, Min-beom and Gang-yong wake up on a couch while the boys make them some noodles. They decide to hack Myeong-gil’s phone to gain access to the safe. They set up a meeting with him and ask him to scan a QR code with his phone, but they discover that he has used a backup phone.

Now, Min-beom’s duty is to make him use his phone’s Wi-Fi, so he asks him to show a video of him naked, which they recorded. He shows him the video, and he gets connected to the Wi-Fi, giving them access to his phone and safe. They celebrate this small victory, and now they can treat the scar on Gun-woo’s face and Woo-jin’s liver problem.

However, Gun-woo decides not to treat the scar as it is a tribute to Mr. Choi. On the other hand, Myeong-gil returns home and finds out that the hard disk is destroyed. He knows who is behind this, so he sends his men to work. Gun-woo and the boys still don’t know the location of the gold taken from Mr. Choi, and the episode ends.


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