Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 1 'Joan Is Awful' Ending Explained

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 1 ‘Joan Is Awful’ Ending Explained: Who Was Joan, Annie and Salma?

Joan Is Awful’ Recap And Ending – What Happened To Joan, Annie Murphy, and Salma: Netflix’s original show ‘Black Mirror’ is now back with yet another season. Season 6 of Black Mirror is now streaming on the platform with 5 episodes. The episodes are around 60-70 minutes long. I just finished watching Episode 1 of the show, and here is the ending explanation and recap of the episode.

Before jumping to the end of the show, let’s have a small recap of Episode 1. Please note that there are spoilers ahead, so don’t read if you haven’t watched the series yet.

The plot of the show revolves around Joan, who works at an IT company. The day was as usual for her. She gets ready for the office, talks with one of her co-workers, and due to the bad results, she fires her. She gets a call from her ex, Mac, who is in the city and wants to meet her. Joan initially ignores the text, but very soon she agrees to meet him, and in the restaurant, they end up kissing each other. When Joan returns home, her boyfriend is waiting for her for dinner, and they start watching something on TV.

Joan tunes into a streaming app called Streamberry, and there she finds a show titled ‘Joan is Awful.’ As the title of the show is related to her name, they both start watching it, and the real mess begins from here.

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Krish watched everything on TV, how Joan disliked his food, and later he also saw that Joan was in touch with Mac and kissed him. Krish broke up with Joan and left her house. Within a few seconds, the same thing repeated on TV. The character of Joan on TV was played by Salma Hayek, a well-known American-Mexican actress. The show was streaming everything that Joan was doing in real life.

The next day, when Joan reached the office, she was fired and became jobless. Joan decided to sue Streamberry and discussed it with her lawyer. The lawyer said that by purchasing the Streamberry subscription, she had accepted their terms and conditions, so nothing could be done now, and she couldn’t sue them.

Joan got an idea. She thought that she couldn’t sue Streamberry, but Salma was more powerful, and she could make the show go off the air. Since Salma was playing the character of Joan, she decided to do some awkward things that could ruin Salma’s image. Joan went to a church, and during a wedding, she defecated there. As the show was telecasting everything happening in Joan’s life with Salma’s face, this incident was also telecasted by Streamberry with Salma’s face, ruining Salma’s image in the public domain.

This is what Joan always wanted. Salma asked her lawyer if they could sue Streamberry for ruining her image, but the response was the same. She had been paid and had signed the documents, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She had no options left, so she visited Joan and asked her why she was doing this. Joan said she was doing it because she thought Salma could stop it. Now they both made a plan to break into the Streamberry server room and destroy the server, so they could delete all the data and end the streaming.

Joan and Salma broke into the server room and there they discovered that everything was being done by a quantum computer, which was creating real-time pictures and videos, making the show appear as a live running show. Joan entered the computer room and was shocked to see another Joan. When she asked the computer operator about it, he replied that she was not the real Joan; she was just a digital copy, a representation of another character named Annie Murphy, a famous actress. Joan was shocked once again to learn that she was living in the show and didn’t belong in real life.

He also added that even Joan’s house looked like a film set and everything there was fiction. Almost every character there was a fictional character. Joan destroys the computer, and then we see that everyone has vanished from there. Joan is now transformed into Annie Murphy, and Salma is transformed into the real Salma.

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By the end of Episode 1, we realize that everyone there was a fictional character and they were part of the universe. Things were going well, and it seemed like the show was going to end on a happy note. Salma and Annie also meet in real life, and they are relaxed and happy. Just before the end of the episode, we see some red LED lights illuminating Annie and Salma’s shoes, and the show ends here.

Now, the twist just before the end of the episode reveals that Annie and Salma are also not real, and they are also part of the universe as fictional characters. Although nothing is clear, and it all depends on our theories, here I will try to explain it one by one.

The first theory is that they are also part of some universe, and they are digital copies of someone else. The scene of destroying characters and computers may have been part of the script for those characters. There is a chance that these characters are layered, and we are getting to see them one by one.

Another theory is that the whole world is fiction, and every character is playing within themselves. There may be a chance that everyone is fictional, and all the characters are controlled by someone else.

Well, we can only imagine, the real logic and the story are only known to the writer, If you have anything to tell about this episode, please let us know in the comments.


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