Jee Karda Ending Explained: Amazon Prime Video’s original web series starring Tamannaah Bhatia in the lead role is now streaming on the platform. The series ends with a shocking twist, and in this article, I am going to explain the ending of the show. I will also address a few unanswered questions related to the series.

Before diving directly into the ending of the show, I would like to give you a brief recap of what happened in the last two episodes. Here it goes. Please note that the post contains spoilers.

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The big mess starts in Episode 6, titled “Yaar Ki Shaadi,” which takes place at the wedding venue of Lavanya and Rishabh. Everyone is dancing and having fun. We discover that Rishabh’s side has some guests who are facing issues and causing trouble in the marriage. Lavanya had set yellow lighting for her Haldi ceremony but is shocked to see that her father-in-law changed it. Suddenly, she starts experiencing itching on her face, and soon her face turns red. The reason behind her reaction is the “sandalwood” arranged by Rishabh’s mom.

Somehow, everything gets sorted, and everyone enjoys the Sangeet Ceremony. Everyone is dancing and loving it. Lavanya’s mom starts dancing, but Rishabh’s family doesn’t like it as she is drunk. Rishabh’s father asks Rishabh to tell Lavanya to control her mom, but she gets angry, leading to a fight between Lavanya and Rishabh.

After the fight, Lavanya goes to the poolside of the resort, where she meets Arjun. Suddenly, they lock eyes, and they start getting physical in the bathroom. Shahid sees all of this but doesn’t tell anyone, and Episode 6 ends here.

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Episode 7 consists of a series of events. Shahid leaves school and plans to teach students from the slums. During the marriage ceremony, it seems like Lavanya is filled with regret and is regretting what she has done with Arjun. Somehow, the marriage is completed, and they go on their honeymoon. Even there, Lavanya feels uncomfortable, and her mistake continues to haunt her. Lavanya and Rishabh have a terrible honeymoon, and they return home.

Jee Karda Episode 1
Jee Karda

On the other hand, Shahid asks everyone to come to a study center where he is going to teach kids. Sadly, no one shows up, and all his slum kids leave the study center without studying, causing him a lot of humiliation. The final episodes of the show revolve around Preet’s 30th birthday.

Everyone gathers there and has fun. Lavanya is still filled with regret, and we also find out that Sheetal has broken her engagement. Lavanya throws a burning cigarette into the dustbin, and it starts burning. Meanwhile, as Shahid is about to leave the party, he argues with Rishabh, expressing his anger that no one came to his study center. While they are arguing, Shahid reveals that he saw Lavanya and Arjun getting physical on the mehndi night. In a fit of anger, Rishabh hits Shahid, and suddenly, a fire breaks out in the restaurant.

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Arjun visits the restaurant, and Rishabh punches him before leaving. The police arrest Rishabh, and while they are taking him to the police station, he receives a text message informing him that his app has been sold for 10 million dollars. On the other hand, we see that Lavanya feels no regret for cheating on Rishabh and confesses that she enjoyed it. The episode ends here.

Now we are going to answer a few questions that may come into Your Mind;

Why Was Rishabh Arrested by the Police?

One of the things that may confuse many is why Rishabh was arrested by the police. What was his fault? Rishabh was arrested because of the fire in his restaurant. It is a normal procedure that whenever a restaurant, pub, or any place for public gatherings catches fire or experiences any incidents, the owner of that place is answerable to the law and order, and that’s why Rishabh gets arrested.

What happened to Lavanya?

Until the last sequence of the show, I thought that Lavanya regrets cheating on Rishabh with Arjun. But in the last sequence, when she says that she enjoyed getting physical with Arjun, it is clear that she has no regret and she enjoyed it. Now the question is, what will happen to her? One thing is clear: Rishabh is going to break the marriage with her for sure. There is a chance that she may go to Arjun, but I don’t think he will accept her.

What happened to Arjun?

Arjun was also not regretting cheating on his friend. His last action confirms the same, and in the last few minutes of the show, we see that he is heading toward a building that looks like an airport. There are chances that he may be going to meet his father, although there is no strong evidence regarding that.

What happened to Preet?

Another character with a sad ending in the show was Preet. She ruined her good-going relationship on the advice of Lavanya, and now she is all alone. There may be a chance that she will go back to her doctor boyfriend in Season 2 after knowing about Lavanya.

What happened to Sheetal?

Sheetal was not happy with Sameer, so she decided to break her marriage and wants to live alone. She had always thought that Lavanya and Rishabh were the perfect couple. Although in the show, we have seen that she is about to break the marriage with Sameer, after what happened to Lavanya, it is highly expected that she will go back to Sameer again.

This was all about the ending of Jee Karda. Everyone is broken, and now every relationship is shattered. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next season of the show if it is ever made.

This was our Jee Karda ending explained. What do you think about the series? Please let us know in the comments.



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