Bhanwar Web Series Zee5 Bhanwar (Web Series) Ending Explained

Bhanwar (Web Series) Ending Explained

Bhanwar (Web Series) Ending Explained: Zee5 original web series Bhanwar is finally released on the platform, the web series stars Karan Singh Grover and Priya Banerjee in the main lead role, the web series is a sci-fi thriller, the web series was average in terms of Plot and performances but the ending of the series was very trick, here in the post we would try to explain the ending of the series.

Well if we look at the End carefully, we hear the two gunfire sounds, and if you remember we saw three of them, Ranvir, Kanika and the lover of Kanika were pointing guns to each other, after that the series ends with two bullet firing sounds, the ending was very confusing but still, we manage to get through some theories, here we are going to explain it.

Theory 1

The first suitable theory for the ending is, Kanika Killed both of them Rodrix and Ranvir and she took al the money, the possibility is, first Rodrix killed Ranvir and after that Kanika killed Raodrix as she came to know that she would be killed in the future, and all she wanted in money, so she killed both of them and took all money with her.

Theory 2

Ranvir and Kanika both killed Rodrix, Yes this may happen, last night before the murder day, Kanika found and Ranvir really loves and here her mind may get changed, when she put the gun on Ranvir, it was just to distract the attention of Rodrix, so that Ranvir can kill Rodrix, and when Rodrix distracted, both of them (Kanika and Ranvir) killed him.

Theory 3

The last but not the final, it may happen that Rodrix may kill both of them and took all the money, as Kanika trusted Rodrix, so first Rodrix kills Ranvir and then Kanika, Kanika trusts Rodrix and Rodrix killed Kanika after killing Ranvir.

So there were the possible theories, what do you think about these theories, which one do you think is rights? please let us know in the comment section, for more posts like this on the web and digital updates stay tuned with us.

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