The Gone Game Ending Explained: Voot original web series The Gone Game is now released on Voot, if you haven’t checked it, You can watch it Voot, You can also check our review of the web series  The Gone Game. The ending of the web series was little confusing and here in the post, we are going to explain the ending of the web series’s season 1.

The series stars Sweta Tripathi, Aditi, and Sanjay Kapoor in the main lead role, the series goes intense in the end and the climax can be very confusing for many of you, there are many questions left answered like, Who Was Rabibi?, Why Sahli Planned All this? who was the real convict?, is Suhani innocent?

The Ending

The ending of the web series is just beyond imagination, to all those who don’t know and or confused, let me make you clear that, Shahil Gujral himself was behind all this, he planned his kidnapping and all for the money, as we know that he was the banker and scammed Maharastra based bank for Rs 300 crores, as we can see in the news in the last fo episode, he planned his death so that, he left no evidence of his scam. The money was a total of 300 crores and he told Prateek that he would give him 100 crores for it, there are chances that one more person is involved in this and the face may revel in the next season.

Why Sahli Planned All this?

All bcoz of money, Sahil was a banker and did a fraud of 300 crores in a local bank, Salhil wants to leave the country after the scam and he doesn’t want to left any proves against him, so he planned his death along with the Prateek so that after taking money, he can move freely.

is Suhani innocent?

Well, we can’t confirm that here, there may the plan of Shali, Prateek, and Suhani to get the money, as the total scammed money was of Rs 300 crores and there were two partners known yet, so Suhani may be the third one, but if we go by season 1, suhani was innocent.

Who Was Rabi Bi?

Ravibi was Suhani’s ex-boyfriend and Shahil was using his name to misguide everyone if you remember, Shahil also used Suhani Laptop to send fake emails and all to the Pratreek, he was doing the same thing while shopping in Dubai too, so the Ravibi was the Ex-boyfriend of Suhani, who is the current wife of Shahil.

This was our’s The Gone Game Ending Explained, What us your opinion about the ending? what do you think about the series, please let us know in the comment section, for more posts like this on ending and explainers, stay tuned with us.


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  1. There’s a catch in the end though. While on video call with Amara, Suhani said “SHE fooled all of us”!

    Whom she was referring here? Suhani’s mom or Sahil Gujaral’s mom?

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