Beyond the Sea Cast & Characters: The third episode of the latest Netflix thriller drama is titled “Beyond the Sea.” In this article, we will provide information about the cast members who played important roles in the episode. So let’s get started.

Aaron Paul as Cliff Stanfield

Aaron Paul, a three-time Emmy award-winning actor, is widely known for his role as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad. In this episode, he portrays the character of Cliff, one of the astronauts from the team sent on a mysterious six-year mission in space. Cliff is a rule-following officer, but things take a darker turn after two years in space.

To find out what happens next, you have to watch the episode. Some of Aaron’s other popular movies include Better Call Saul, Need for Speed, and Quad, which is one of his latest films.

Josh Hartnett as David Ross

Josh Hartnett plays the role of David Ross, who is Cliff’s partner in the space mission. However, after two years on the mission, David starts exhibiting strange behavior, causing concern among his teammates. Josh Hartnett, a popular American actor, portrays this character. He is one of the oldest and most experienced actors in the industry.

Some of his notable works include Lucky Number Slevin and 30 Days of Night, and you can also see him in the upcoming highly anticipated movie Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer.

Kate Mara as Lana Stanfield

Emmy-nominated actress Kate Mara plays the role of Lana, who is Cliff’s wife. However, she is not on the mission with him and remains on Earth. Some of Kate’s other movies where you can see her performances include The Martian, Transcendence, and her most recent work, Class of ’09.

Auden Thornton as Jessica Ross

American actress Auden Thornton portrays the role of Jessica Ross, David’s wife. Like Lana, Jessica is also on Earth and not part of the space mission with her husband. Some of Auden’s other works include Palm Trees, The Good Wife, and This Is Us, which is her latest project.



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