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Mazey Day Episode Cast & Characters | Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 4

Mazey Day Episode Cast & Characters: The popular American series is back with its sixth season. In this article, we will provide the cast information for the fourth episode titled “Mazey Day.” So let’s get started.

Zazie Beetz as Bo

Zazie Beetz plays the role of Bo in the series. Bo is a photographer trying to capture a photo of the popular actress Mazey Day.

Will she succeed in her task? To find out, you have to watch the series on Netflix. Zazie recently gained popularity through her role in the series Atlanta. Some of her other works include Deadpool 2 and The Harder They Fall.

Danny Ramirez as Hector

Danny Ramirez portrays the character of Hector, another photographer who serves as Bo’s boss. He assigns her the task of taking a photo of Mazey Day and offers a reward of 30,000 dollars for just one photo. Danny Ramirez recently gained popularity for his role in the movie Top Gun: Maverick and also played an important role in the recent Marvel series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

He will also be seen as the new Falcon in the upcoming Marvel movie Captain America: Brave New World.

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Clara Rugaard as Mazey Day

Clara Rugaard takes on the role of Mazey Day, a popular actress who faced controversy due to a recent hit-and-run case that led to her being removed from a movie set. Meanwhile, paparazzi are trying to interview her.

Clara, a Danish actress, plays Mazey in the series. Some of her other works include Teen Spirit and Press Play, with upcoming projects including Verona.



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