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Inside Movie Summary & Ending Explained

Inside Movie Summary & Ending Explained: Inside is now available in theatres near you in English with English Subtitles. In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie ‘Inside’ which was released a few days back, so let’s get started.

The story starts with Nemo who is an art thief one day he goes to a massive flat in New York, he disables all the security alarms of the apartment and after taking all the paintings as soon as he is about the exit the security system malfunctions, and locks all the apartment, he then tries to break the window, cut the door but failed and is now trapped in the apartment.

Meanwhile, he realized that things will get worse with time, however, the house is filled with paintings worth millions of dollars but the fridge is empty and there is nothing to eat, the only source of water is the pool and the house is also set with automatic temperature control so sometimes temperature drops to freezing cold to extremely hot.

But all these conditions do not stop him from his determination to get out from there, he tries many ways to get out from there, but all failed days are now turned into weeks and he is still trapped there, he finds ways to entertain himself as he cooks food with any stove or ingredients, he sees people through security camera of the building and makes stories about them like he has developed an attraction towards a housekeeper which was seen in the camera.

Next while sleeping Nemo had a dream where he was invited to a party by the house owner when he arrives the house owner feels so happy about his arrival, and there he met a woman the woman was the housekeeper but he has not have enough courage to confront his feelings to her.

He was building a platform to climb from the artwork to reach the roof of the house but every time fails to reach there, in his last and final attempt and improving the mistakes he has been making, he finally was able to climb that platform he made for him and is able to escape from there successfully.

The whole movie shows us the battle between Nemo and his mind because in his mind he has made that he was stuck in a prison and is now not able to escape from there, throughout the movie he has been struggling to get out of the prison he has made up in his mind but finally when he become freer and freer from his thoughts he was able to escape from the apartment and from his prison that he has made up and the movie ends.



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