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The Good Mothers Episode 1: Explained – Recap & Summary

The Good Mothers Episode 1 Summary & Ending Explained: The Good Mothers is now available on Disney+ & Hulu in Italian with English Subtitles. In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the series so let’s get started.

Leo Garafollo is missing, Gas Blast at the entrance of the public prosecutor’s office, Why?
Denise Cosco and her mother came to meet Denise’s father (Carlo), from Salerno to Calabria. After lighting up in the hall Denise, her mother and her dad came to aunt renota’s house. Her dad and her mom left her with Aunt Renota for a dinner .

Denise saw her aunt with 2 other children in a messy place. There Denise watched TV with his aunt and her children. After a long time, Denise worries about her mother and called her. But mother didn’t receive her call. After some time her father (Carlo) came. As Denise drives with her father she realizes that her mother is nowhere to be found. Here the traffic light symbol is just awesome.

Her father (Carlo) left her again with her aunt Renata .while they were eating dinner another aunt Marisha called her and asked about her mom. After listening to all things from her aunt Maria told her to be safe. Then all thing goes to Rosarno (A place from Calabria). There we saw that a girl named Giusy collecting money from bars, and factories. After that, she goes to the port of Gioia Tauro to test something(I Think Drugs). From port, that girl (Giusy) goes to another place where her father talks about why Africans are best for labor.

Here we found out that Giusy and her father’s relationship are not so good. All things now on Denise. She found out that a police car following her. At the bar where her father was, she told that police were asking what happened to her mom. Then Denise and her father go to the police station. There Denise talked about her mother and the whole thing. Reaching home Denise thinks about a car burning scene from her past.

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The episode ends with a question who is Lea Garofolo, why is Denise and her mom hiding for a long time? A police investigation going on. Denise and her father left her aunt’s place.



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