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Klara in ‘Barracuda Queens’ Actress Name, Who Plays, Instagram

Another Crucial and Important character from the Netflix original Comedy drama film is Klara. Here go the details about her character, Performance, and all the other information that You Need.

Klara Rapp, is a law student who got caught cheating in her exams and got suspended she is one who fall asleep in the bathtub and the hotel ceiling got leakage and the girls got into debt so they started burglary in the houses.

At first, she resisted by listening to the plan but eventually got involved with them.  Tindra Monsen the Swedish actress is playing the role of Klara in the latest series, this is her first project in acting so we are not able to find her previous works.

As of now, Tindra has a Very small family on Instagram and she has only 1.7k Followers. The numbers are going to increase after the show as her performances were loved a lot by the audiences.

You can also check her Instagram Handle Here;


This was all about the Klara in ‘Barracuda Queens’. What do you think about the role?, Please let us know in the comments.


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