“Bannurmath SR’s Real Story: Dancing on the Grave Document Series” – Dancing on the Grave is based on the famous murder case of Shakereh Khaleeli. This docu-series also shows us her life and how she was connected to Swami Shraddhananda.

Bannurmath SR, whose first name is Saminder as per the series, was a judge of the Karnataka High Court. He spent 12 years as a judge and said that every murder is brutal and heinous. He said this case is very rare. He looked into all the facts again and again. Based on all the evidence, they concluded that the skeleton found in the box was buried in the house, and it was all of Shakereh’s.

The accused got an opportunity to commit the murder of his wife because of her valuable properties. Finally, he said Swami Shraddhananda was guilty of this murder. He also mentioned that there was no repentance on the face of Swami Shraddhananda. In fact, he said he had no regrets.

Bannurmath SR is alive. In the series, we saw that he loves gardening and is spending a peaceful life.

This is all about Bannurmath SR in the Prime Video show Dancing on the Grave. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.



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