Bandish Bandits Overview

Bandish Bandits: Amazon Prime Video original Musical series, Bandish Bandits in released on Prime Video and here we are with the watch guide for you an overview of the series, here in the post we are going to tell you about the Parents Watch Guide and overview of the series.

Watch/Parents Guide

The web series has some abusive languages and Bold Scenes, so don’t watch it with the Parents or the Kids, there are few normal abusive words in the series and few bold scnes too, better to avoid it watching with Kids and Parents, You can watch it with friends and your brother if you are comfortable.


The Story is about the two singers, one is Radhe who loves classic singing and his Grandfather is a great musician of Rajsthan, on the other hand, Tammana is a Pop singer she needs a hit sing to boost up her career when Tammana and Radhe meet and they make the blockbuster song, after that life of Radhe changes completely, in both positive and negative ways, we would put a full review of the series, once we finished watching the series, stay tuned.

Should You Watch It?

I am at the fourth episode right now and frankly speaking, the series looks good to me, it fresh and unique for Indian audiences, if you can’t wait for the whole review, you can go and watch the 10 episode series on Prime Video.

This was little overview of the series, hope you loved it, a full review is coming soon to our blog, stay tuned for that, what is your opinion about the series, please let us know in the comment box, If You have any questions, regarding anything, You can ask that too, See U sOon.



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