Bae Jeongmin In ‘A Shop for Killers’ Actor Name: Disney presents an eight-episodic action thriller Korean drama called ‘A Shop for Killers’. This show is a mix of action, emotions, and survival elements. The story is about a young girl named Jeong Ji An, who was raised by her uncle Jeong Jinman after tragically losing her parents, who died unexpectedly.

However, after her uncle’s sudden demise, Ji An becomes the target of highly skilled killers and discovers the true identity of a killer shopping mall managed by him.

Who Plays Bae Jeongmin?

Bae Jeongmin plays an important role in this drama. Started as a good friendly character, then took a big surprise change into a psycho emotionless young man. Bae Jeongmin’s character is portrayed by young South Korean actor Park Ji Bin. He was known for his exceptional performance in the shows called Escape of the seven, Inspector Koo, Bloody Heart, and Boys over Flowers.

Jeongmin is a computer engineer who specializes on network hacking. He was superior in his capability of hacking into any portals. He is also a black hat hacker, who always go behind the dirt. He was a classmate of Ji An during their primary school. He is a fraud from his childhood days, he locked Ji An Inside a dark room and left there for hours. He had a sick mentality of taking advantage of others for his needs.

Jeongmin joined as an assistant worker at the warehouse storage of Jinman. He even cheated the cunning man Jinman for a long time. Jeongmin and his close friend were elite hackers, one day Babylon caught him and made a hack, his friend couldn’t complete the hack as soon as Jeongmin, so they killed him with no mercy. Jeongmin was obsessed with hacking and controlling large network base of criminal activity. He was a black hat hacker who do anything illegal for money.

Jeongmin once cheated Jinman in the name of repairing Jinman’s computer. He logged in to murthehelp using desktop cloning. He got access to everything and he recorded every datas from Jinman’s warehouse. Jeongmin did an AI voice forgery of Ji An’s voice, Jinman thought Ji An was kidnapped by Jeongmin after listening to the fake voice. Jinman did suicide because of Jeongmin’s involvement. In the whole, Jeongmin is a psychopath with no emotions.

That’s all about the character of Bae Jeongmin. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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