Babaji In ‘Bandaa’ Movie Real Name: The main Villain from the movie Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai is Babaji, The role of the character Babaji is played by Surya Mohan Kulshreshtha.

In the movie, the image of the Bapu is shown as an evil godman who raped many girls when he was running the Aashram. And this is a true story. There are many complaints lodged against the Bapu. In fact, in real life, Manoj Bajpayee also received a notice from Bapuji’s followers. They said Manoj is defaming the image of Bapuji. Because of that, a court notice was sent to him.

As per records, they had a lack of evidence against Bapu. To date, the image of Bapu is protected. There are still many bhakts of Asaram Bapu, and they believe that Bapu hasn’t committed any crime. To hide his mistakes, Bapu and his lawyers put all the blame on Jodhpur and Delhi Police.

But Solanki presented such strong arguments that no one was able to defeat him in terms of arguments. Do check out our review. Before this movie, Bobby Deol has also done a web series on Ram Rahim titled Aashram, available on MX Player.



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