Avinash ‘J’ Dead Or Alive : After the superhit season 1, we have another season of the Amazon Prime Video original series Breathe Into The Shadows, season 1 ended on a Cliffhanger and it seems like season 2 is also the same.

You are here it means you have finished the show and you have many unanswered questions left in your mind when we get to see the last sequence of the show, the show ended beyond our imagination, we will try to answer all your questions related to the show one by one, Here Goes The First one;

The most asked question after the ending, is, ‘Is Avinash Dead or Alive?’, The Answer is Yes, Avinash aka J alive and it was all part of his plan that we saw at the end of the episode, he never died in that Fire and the fake postpartum report was created with the help of Dr. Gyatri who was one of the close friends of J and Shirley.

In the last episode, we also get to see that mysterious C-16 code, which was the house number of Avinash, Avinash cleverly faked his death to get rid of Police and Punishments, and as Planned, they are living at some secret place happily together.

What’s your thought about this? Do you think Kabir will track him again? or Just he will let it go?, Please drop your thoughts in the comments section, and don’t forget to read the review and other articles related to Breathe Into The Shadows Season 2.



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