Ateet Zee5 Review : whenever i heard the name Rajeev Kahndewal , i don’t know why my expectation goes up to get quality content and a beautiful story movies , but from last few times , i got upset , here is another one in the list , Ateet released by Zee5 on 21st April 2020 , here in the post we are going to review the newly released Zee5 original movie Ateet starring Raajev Kahndenwal.

Before we jump directly to the review lets have little introduction to the movie , Ateet is an Zee5 original movie starring Rajeev Kahndenwal, Priyamani Raj and Sanjay suri in main lead roles , the movie is a thriller cum horror movie that get released on Zee5 this Monday , You can check more about the Ateet movie like trailer and other things in here in this post Ateet Zee5, if you don’t want to read more more detailed review , we can give you one line review , that don’t watch it , its a headache.

Ateet Movie Zee5 Review


The worst part of the movie is story itself , there is nothing in Story , the story is old fashioned horror cum thrill story , that never surprises you , it is very predictable and very very slow , it can be finished under 30 minutes , there are useless scenes , dialogues and songs that were not need at all , there is an army background , a love triangles and lots of thing that can give you a headache , while watching this , i was confused , that is it a thriller , romantic, horror or suspense movie  , what is it ?



Rajeev Kahndenwal and Priyamani has done good job , but not at the level of the Rajeev itslef, the other like Sanjay Suri has also done a good, we love the acting of the little girl and the extra star is only for her , she is going to have a really bright future ahead for her acting career , there is not much to watch in terms of acting in the movie.

Screenplay and Editing


A bad story can be presented in good way and it all depends upon the screenplay and editing , take Bala and Ujda Chaman as example , both were having similar topic but bala was way better than the Ujda Chaman , same is here with the Ateet Too , the movie is too boring and too long and it looks like , there has been no screenplay and no editing done.

Bottom Line


The movie is very very slow and don’t have any surprises except the predicted one in last , story is very unconvincing and  there is no logic behind this , we advice you to avoid this and take rest , if you are a Raajev Kahndenwal die hard fan, you can watch it for , otherwise stay away from it , it’s a big headache.

Have you wtached the movie ? what is your opinion of it , tell us your thought in comment box , for more post like this , stay with us and follow us on social media.


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  1. Divyanshi singh on

    I had such high expectations with the movie. Why is nobody giving a good script to rajeev khandelwal. I’m he used to be so good at acting.

    Ps:can anyone explain why did this character “Ajeet” told “jhanvi” that he will invite ”nayab” also. Really? Doesn’t he know that he’s dead.
    And also even if we ignore everything else why was there no quality dialogues between both of them at the end.
    Being stuck at home and doing nothing is actually better than watching this movie guys!

  2. Since some days ,I was getting notifications of this movie a lot since then I gotvinto this..but when the movie started I was trying to getvinto the story but as time fleed I Wasn’t getting any thing and then the movie with nothing but as a void…Its like this movie didn’t have any roots neither any brunches…
    Wasted my 2 hrs in just searching for the story🤣🤣🤣

  3. What can you expect from nudity generation they wont understand the concept of ateet movie jinko nanga naach pasand wo wahi dekhenge 😂.

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