Asur Ending Explained , Who Is Real Shubh , Season 2 Release Date : Arshad Warsi starrer Asur got lots of appreciation from all around the world , season 1 ends with lots of questions answered , like who was real shubh , is season 2 coming , what happened to the characters like Dhananjay Rajput, Nikhil Nair, Nusrat and other , here in the post we are trying to give you the answer of the few question that comes in your mind after watching the season 1 of Asur.

Before we jump directly to the questions , let’s recall the previous season in short , Asur is an psychological thriller web series starring Arshad Warsi in main lead roles , released by Voot on their streaming platform Voot Select , the series was created by Gaurav Shukla and released its first season on 2nd March 2020 , with total 8 episodes , the season 1 ends at very very confusing note and lots of people are waiting for the season 2 , with lots of question unanswered , We have also made a list of best Free Web series that you can watch online , here in the post we would try to found out the answers of your few question.

Please note there are few spoilers ahead , if you are reading this without watching the series , stop here and go and watch the series , otherwise it may ends your interest for the series , another thing that we would like to say that all the news and explanation that we are providing about the series is based on our expert watching and may vary from your opinion and thoughts.

Who Is Real Shubh ?

The first question an ultimate million dollar question comes into mind of all of us is , Who is Real Subh in the series , we think Rasool Sheikh the computer guy is the real Shubh played by Amey Singh, now question arises in your mind how are we so sure of it , let us make you understand , there are some similarities in the Shub appearance and the Appearance of Rasool Sheikh , like Eyes , he is young and his behaviour that we can see when the Lolark doubted him in the car and he suddenly changed his body language.

A user on reddit also noticed the same behaviour os small shubh and this Rasool Sheikh , when the Dhananjay played by the Arshad Warsi goes to show sympathy to Shubh upon his father death , the way shubh removes the hand and his behaviour and again in the car when Lolark doubted , the way Rasool removes his hand and body languges , both looks similar and this gives another theory that the Rasool is Shubh.

Asur Season 1 Ending Explained ?

The ending was only tricky until you don’t know who the real shubh is , now have explained who is the real shubh , and the makers have left too much content for the season too , some are also saying that there is fourth person who is shub, and that would be seen in season 4 , but it looks dumb to us , and if this happens , season 2 would be huge flop. At the ending we can see the Real shubh get to make his way again to the police team and everyone thought that the shubh is dead , but the way series ends and last 20 minutes makes us eagerly waiting for another season to get lots of question unanswered.

Asur Ending Explained
Asur Season 2 Coming or Not ?

The current new is that there is no official announcement made by the makers of the series and Voot team , but by looking at the great craze its sure that season 2 of Voot select is surely going to create the season 2 of this mind blowing series.

What Can be Story Of Asur Season 2

The second plot of the season is going to be more interesting and more thrilling , but the first thing that we are going to see is , investigation about the death Lolark and the suspect would be obviously Rasool , as both of them were last seen together, the season 2 would be mainly focused on how Rasool would prove that he was not with the Lolark , while investigations , there would be more murders and there may be another story of another shub get caught , in last the police would found out that , the only man who was with lolark at his last time was Rasool and he would get caught , we know the story is not going to be this simple, but we are sure , it would be somewhat like this.

Asur Season 2 Star Cast 

Now coming to the star cast , we don’t think there would be much changes in cast and crew for the second season , we may see new faces in the season 2 , but the most of the stars from the season 1 are surely going to retain and comeback in season 2 also , we would surely going to see Arshad Warsi playing as Dhananjay Rajput, Anupriya as Naina Nair, Ridhi Dogra as Nusrat and our villain Amer Wagh as Rasool sheikh, the series would be most probably created again by Gaurav Shukla and team and it would be produced by Viacom Motion pictures and there may be entry of new producers too.

Asur Season 2 Release Date

This is one of the most googled and asked question on internet Right Now , the answer in not known to any one not even the producers , the question is When Season 2 of Asur is coming out , well we and you can only predict , the Season 2 of Asur is yet not finalised and decided to be made , but it would be surely made by looking at craze for it , the Asur season is going to release on Feb. 2020 , there may be delayed if this lockdown situation remains long , we would update you once we found the info.

So this was the post about our Asur Ending Explained ? What is your opinion about the Real shubh , who according to you is real Shubh in Voot asur web series , what is you explanation and thought about the ending , please let us know in comment section , we would love to know that .


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