Best Hindi Web Series For Free Top 10 : Free things are very rare these days in any field , but there are few for those free means free, in this COVID 19 lockdown period if your from those who can’t afford the subscriptions of the streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or any other , we also have the solution , presenting you the list of Top 10 Hindi web series that you can watch for free on streaming platforms like you tube and mx player.

So this list was prepared in March 2020 and we are adding some famous and newly released web series, the list is made on our opinions and yours may be different from us , if you think your series is not added please let us know in comment section. Here goes the list of best hindi web series for free online.

Bhaukaal on Mx Player

We had also made the list of Best Paid Hindi Web Series and this cop based series is also there in the list , Mohit Raina devon ke dev mahadev fame starer is thi cop drama thriller can be treat for you to watch. You are going to see some good action along with the suspense and thriller in the series.
If you love the Police based series and some bold language this series is must for you. The series is streaming for all users for free on Mx Player app and website.

Cubicles on TVF

Tvf is one of the great free content creators that India have , all their web series are super duper hit and have some great message with them, their newly released cubicles is nothing different.

As the names suggests , Cubicles is story of an young new working youth and his work place , how he tackles the situation from his office and his personal works , this series would tell , this series was big hit and all the episodes of the series are now streaming on TVF and Youtube for Free.

Kota Factory on TVF

We know most of you have already watched the much famous and blockbuster web series Kota Factory , that released last year by TVF on their website and Youtube.

For those who don’t know about this , Kota Factory is an story of student that goes to Kota to crack IIT , the series shows his educational, personal and love life as combined , how he manged to get balanced of all this , The series is going to make you laugh hard, cry loud and Cheer great.

Madhuri Talkies On Mx Player

Madhuri Talkies is love story crime drama streaming for free on Mx Player, the story is Love story crime drama where the actress get kidnapped by group of goons and assaulted by them, a video of her was leaked by them too. His lover comes out to revenge from all of them one by one by killing them.

If you love abuse and hard language thriller series this should be must watch for you.

Queen On Mx Player

Based on the real life of former TamilNadu Cm Jailaita , the series tells us about the journey of her life from an actress to a country famous politician and Amma of an state. If you love real life based and political series this one is surely for you.

Samantar On Mx Player

Mx palyer is delivering some mind blowing and Jaw dropping content these days, samantar is another one in the list , Samantar is and mythological and suspense thriller movie in which a man’s future is as same as past of another man , to know the incidents that are going to come in his daily life he have to meet that person.

Samantar can be a good watch if you love suspense thriller series , the series is now streaming for free on Mx Palyer web site and applications.

The Pitchers On TVF

The pitchers is one the best web series that ever made in India for the youth, we hope everyone of you knows about the this, for those who don’t know , Pitchers is an story of group of youth who left their 9 to 5 jobs to maker their something own and but the things don’t goes with their choice , how they tackle the problem and solve it, this series shows you , if you haven’t watched the series yet , this one is much must watch for you all.

College Romance On Youtube

If you love the series and movies based on college life and youths you are surely going to like this series , the college romance is story of group of friends and their complicated and funny love lives.

This series is going to make you cry and laugh every time , the series is streaming for free on Youtube on Timeliners Youtube channel.

Flames 1 & 2 On Max Player

Teens love stories and school stories are new trend now days , after massive success of FLAMES S1 the makers comes with another season and it was hit too, if you love the teen love stories, this series is surely going to win your heart , with some heart touching romantic and realistic acting , this series is must watch.


I M Mature This one is another teen school going love story of couples and their daily issues in love life and school life , this one is another short duration watch if you really wanna feel light. The series is streaming for free on Mx Player website and App.

So this was the list of Best Hindi Web Series For Free that you can watch on you tube and websites , if you think we missed anyone please let us know in comment section , for more posts like this on streaming news and digital release dates of the movies stay tuned to streamingdue.


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