Anirudh Chatterjee Norway: The character of Anurup is portrayed by Anirban Bhattacharya in the latest Bollywood movie streaming now on Netflix, the movie is based on a real story which shows the struggle of a mother whose children were taken away from her by the Norway government and she was declared unfit mother for her own children.

So the story revolve around how she fought the case and won, here in this article we are going to talk about Anurup who is the father of the children. The name of Anurup is changed in the film as Anirudh Chatterjee. Here goes all details about him.

In 2007 he got married to Sagarika Bhattacharya and both of them due to his job moved to Norway, and started living their life there but on May 2011 their two children Abhigyan(3 year old) and Aishwarya(1 year old) was taken by Norway authorities as they are questioned over their parenting skills.

The objection includes that children are sleeping on the same bed with parents and mother is feeding with her hand to babies, and they were also said that they are providing them with low quality clothes and toys and there is not enough space to play for them later when they filed the case they were given counselling for how to handle the children’s and the custody was given to Anurup’s brother.

Anirudh Chatterjee aKA Anurup Chatterjee Real Name, Image, Story

But they won the case and were able to take back the custody of the children, however in year 2012 Anurup filed a divorce and said that her wife is going through mental conditions and after that Sagarika returned to India for her children better future while he decided to stay back in Norway and is currently living there.



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