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Anburaj Veerappan’s Gang Member: Real Image, Story

Netflix’s presented documentary series ” The Hunt for Veerappan” is currently streaming now in Netflix with Hindi and English audio along with subtitles. As people demanded we are going to discuss Anburaj where he is now.

Anburaj born in Kazhuthapali. He is an active member is Veerappan’s gang. When he was 20 he was captured by police and sentenced to lifelong Jail. In the jail he played in theatres & where he met with Revathi.

Anburaj now have two children & living a happy life with wife Revathi in Kazhuthapali. He started a business selling groceries & spending a normal life. This is all we know about Anburaj.

What do you think about the series? Did you like the show?, Please let us know in the comments.



  1. Its a wonderful series …. I really loved the way u presented the documentry …veerappan killed lots of people eventhough i like him .. i dnt knw the reason…


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