Alfredo Galan Real Image, Where He Is Now: No one can beat Netflix when it comes to true documentary crime shows. We’ve seen many true stories on Netflix across the globe. Netflix is gearing up for one more documentary show, but this time from Spain.

This documentary is based on the most brutal killer in Spain.

The real name of the serial killer was Alfredo Galan. He was known as the Playing Card Killer. This killer created chaos in the early 2000s. This crime documentary focuses on Alfredo only. He was born and brought up in Puertollano.

At the age of 26, he started brutal killing. He committed his first crime in 2003. This documentary is all set to stream on Netflix on 9th June 2023. It will be streaming with 3 episodes in Spanish and English languages.

The Playing Card Killer: the true story of Alfredo Galán - Auralcrave

He was sentenced to 142 years and three months for committing more than 5 murders. Today, he’s in prison serving a sentence of 142 years.



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