Alexander The Making of a God Episode 6: Netflix presents a six-episode mini historical war documentary series that tells the story of Alexander, the great warrior and king. The documentary shows the evolution of Alexander as a demigod and how he remains great to this day.

The episode opens with the biggest war that is going to decide the future. Both of them and their troops gathered on October 1st, 331 BC, at Gaugamela. It was the showdown to decide the future. The war started, and we see the Persian army ten times higher than Alexander’s army. But Alexander relies on tactics; he tries to separate the troops from the sides and attack.

Alexander draws one side of the Persian army to the right. While Alexander fights on the right, Permenion tries to defend on the left side. Darius sees the Macedonian center is open, and he commands to march there, but it doesn’t work out well, and Darius is now open. Alexander marches towards Darius at that moment, but Darius is in fear that he will lose the whole empire. Darius decides to flee the place and leaves, but Alexander is again sad because he couldn’t finish what he came for.

Mazaeus heads back to the city of Babylon. Following Mazaeus, Alexander and his handful army reach Babylon. Alexander touches the throne of the Persian king. Hephaestion says it’s your seat now, you can sit as you have earned it. But Alexander says the Persian king is still out there, and he will sit only after he finishes it. Barsine meets Mazaeus and asks about her father Darius. Ptol says he is almost dead and wandering, and Mazaeus surrenders to the Macedonians.

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Alexander sees the old king Xerxes’s statue who slaughtered Greeks back then. He picks up the fallen statue. He tells Mazaeus that if his citizens offer no resistance, then there will be no bloodshed. And tells Mazaeus and Barsine to deliver the message. Ptolemy is not happy with the decision as he says they slaughtered our people, and he doesn’t accept peace with them. But Alexander tells there will be no more bloodshed because now this is also a Macedonian empire, and now they are our people.

Darius flees further, and he is now in Bactria. Bessus is with Darius, saying Alexander is after them, and this won’t stop; he will kill all of them. Darius is at a cliff looking at the mountains. Bessus approaches Darius from the back while Darius is talking and stabs Darius’s neck. Darius dies there. Alexander reaches there and sees Darius’s dead body. Alexander is sad that Darius didn’t get to die as he deserved. Alexander says a king should not die like this and tells the men to pay him respect as he was the king of kings, and this is not the way to die as a king. Alexander takes Darius’s hand and takes his ring. Bessus is a king murderer, so Alexander orders to kill him.

Alexander becomes a proper king. Darius’s body is at the Palace in Babylon, and Alexander gives it the utmost respect. Barsine comes and sees Darius’s body and thanks Alexander for taking her father’s body here. Hephaestion tells Alexander to let’s go back to our place as Alexander’s wish happens. But Alexander says it is not complete for him, and he needs to attain more.

As they speak, Alexander walks away; we see a shot where Alexander opens the door to his future take-over empires. The researchers speak about finding the remains of Alexander’s tomb. They found the king’s palace road, now they found a tunnel very deep. They are digging and cleaning it. They are very dedicated to finding the remains of Alexander.



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