Alexander In Alexander The Making of a God Series: Netflix presented a mini-documentary series with six episodes that tell about King Alexander and his path to success. Alexander became a godly great king that people still remember.

Without Alexander, the history of the biggest and strongest rulers wouldn’t come to perfection. Alexander is a great ruler, a great military mind, a great leader and the strongest man in the history of Greece. Everyone remembers him as Alexander the Great. Almost every history class in schools has a story to tell about how great Alexander was. The battles he won in a young age js truly remarkable.

In the documentary, we can see Buck Braithwaite played as Alexander. Buck Braithwaite is a young actor who has not acted in many movies or shows but he done well in Masters of the Air (2024) and Fair Play (2023) for his small roles.

With his youthness and his beautiful look and charisma, he really fits well in the role as Alexander. He maintains that aura of Alexander with his presence throughout the documentary. We can see an Alexander right through him, that much well he portrayed it on screen. He keeps the rage of Alexander throught the scenes.

Alexander III of Macedon is known to everyone as Alexander the great. He was born in 356 BCE, Pella, Macedonia as the son of Philip II and Olympias. He learned many things in psychology, science, medicine and many. He used his knowledge in his path to success. Just a year before his father Phillip’s death he was exiled from Macedonia for having quarrel with General Attalus as Attalus mocked him as he is a bastard.

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On the day of the wedding with Phillip’s invitation Alexander came, and they both cleared their confusion about their affection. After the murder of his father, Alexander immediately took charge as next king. Alexander promised he will take revenge and take over persia. Alexander kills Attalus as he will be a stone in his path. Alexander is rude but he had a vision of his own, he thinks what not others think. Alexander named city as Alexandria to show his presence to the world.

Alexander had two shades of character. One side of him is a good man to people and humanity, he saves others, he questions if someone kills without reason, he respects others as even if they are enemy. But on other side, he is very rude, he doesn’t take account of others opinion, he kills whole citizens in a place just to show a message, he gives no mercy to people.

He respected Darius as a king, after Darius’s death Alexander said he must be respected, he was king of kings and we should give respect for him. Alexander kills the murderer of Darius and says Darius deserved to die better, it was not proper death for a king. Alexander took Darius’ body and with all respects, he placed on Babylon. This side of Alexander is more godly and a right ruler mind. Even when others opposed him, he said they shed a blood on Babylon civilians anymore as they are now Macedonians.

Alexander’s history is still a great story to people. Many researchers still trying to get remains of Alexander’s history from Alexandria. Alexander died in Babylon in 323 BC at his 32nd age. Alexander had two two-week febrile illness, which had a speculation that it was poisioning. The real truth is still unknown but it is said to be West Nile encephalitis virus by some researchers.

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That’s all about the character of Alexander. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section



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