Akira Armstrong Dance 100: The New Reality Dance Show On Netflix Is Streaming Now On Netflix And 8 Dancers Are Part Of This Show As Contestants They’re Not Just Dancers They’re Choreographers Also But The Twist In The Show Is They Just don’t have to dance They Also Have To Be The Choreographers Of The Dance Groups Because There are many dance Groups Taking Part.

In This Show Now These Choreographers Only decide Thier Fate Many of The Viewers Are Curious To Know More About The Contestants So Here We’re Going to cover Everything About The Dancers.

Now Talking About the Contestant Akira Armstrong

Akira Armstrong Is A Professional Dancer and Choreographer She Was Also A Part Of 2 of Beyonce’s Songs Which were Green Light And Get Me Bodied In the Year 2007. She Created Herself As A Very Big Name.

She Also Worked As An Makeup Artist for Salt And Peoa In 2011. Do you think she can win this competition Tell Us In the Comments?

Her Instagram I’d Is @iamakiraarmstrong



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