Aka Netflix Movie Shooting & Filming Locations: The latest action thriller movie AKA is now available to stream on Netflix. The story is about a special agent who is assigned to an operation to gather information about a syndicate leader by winning his trust.

However, as soon as he starts working for the syndicate leader, he is appointed as the leader’s youngest son’s bodyguard. After some time, he finds himself emotionally attached to the boy. To know what happens next, you have to watch the movie.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the shooting location of the movie. The movie is a French production, and the primary location used for shooting is France, especially Île-de-France. According to reports from the production team, the shooting took place in the summer of 2022, around June.

The main location used to film the movie is Île-de-France. The team set up various sets across various locations of the city to film various scenes. The studio used for filming some parts of the movie is Studio 16, located at 66 Rue Nicolo in Paris, which is a very old and famous studio in France.

Some other locations where the movie cast is spotted are Mairie de Bagnolet at Place Salvador Allende in Bagnolet and Mairie d’Ivry Sur Seine at Esp. Georges Marrane in the commune of Ivry-sur-Seine. Some of the other movies where these locations can be seen are ‘John Wick: Chapter 4,’ ‘Léon: The Professional,’ ‘The Bourne Identity,’ and many more.



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