AKA Summary & Ending Explained: AKA is now available on Netflix in the English language with English Subtitles. In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie so let’s get started.

The movie starts with Adam Franco, who is kept prisoner with a girl Sonia, but he gets out and kills everyone who brings him here and kills that girl too. Back to the present day, news from the Etoile Hotel, which is in Paris, comes that there is a bombing in the hotel, and Moktar Al Tayeb is considered the main suspect. But the real reason is that the minister Marconnet has invited him to France and now wants him out of that case, and he asked Kruger, the head of intelligence, to find Moktar as soon as possible.

He then assigns Adam to the task of finding him and tells him that this case is very sensitive as Moktar is an ally of France 12 years ago. Their mission is to go to Victor’s house, who is considered the closest to Moktar. Adam’s task is to win his trust and find information about Moktar. Soon after winning Victor’s trust, Adam gets involved in his business and comes to know about his rival, Amet. He soon was noticed by Victor’s wife, Natalya, who runs a nightclub. Soon, Adam was assigned as the bodyguard of their son Jonathan, and Adam also saved him one day from bullies who are trying to beat him.

Jonathan’s sister Helene discovers Adam’s past and wonders why he is so close to her brother. Adam tries to fix a recording device in Victor’s office during Jonathan’s birthday party, but Victor finds him under his office table. However, he covers it by saying that he is playing hide and seek with Jonathan.

Adam’s team partners Mona and Cisko hear the conversation between Victor and Moktar who are planning an attack that is going to be executed the next day. Later, when Victor’s men are robbing a bank, Amet’s men came, and there was a fight between them, and many were killed, some of those who are alive are only because of Adam.

We came to know that Natalya told Amet about the bank robbery, and Adam knows about it, so he tells her to run away from there because as soon as Victor came to know about this, he will kill him. But Amet thinks that Natalya double-crossed him, and he kidnaps Jonathan. Now Adam is chasing Moktar, and Helene calls him that his brother got kidnapped, so he gives Cisko the task to chase Moktar, and he himself goes to save Jonathan, but Cisko got killed by Moktar’s cousin.

The Ending

As Adam goes to Amet’s apartment to save Jonathan, he gets badly injured but manages to save the boy by killing Amet. When he wakes up in the hospital, he asks where Cisko is, but he is dead. Now Victor knows that Adam is an undercover agent, and his cover is blown. Mona dies in an attempt to save him.

In the end, Adam holds Moktar at gunpoint and asks him about their plan. Moktar tells him that Marconnet called him to discuss Sudan files. He helped Sudan gain independence and now wants oil from them.

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Moktar is not afraid of death but just wants to meet his daughter one last time. However, he is killed by the authorities. In the end, Victor kills Natalya for her betrayal and is also killed by the authorities. Jonathan is taken away by them, and they arrest his sister. Finally, we see Moktar’s daughter safe and alive with Adam.



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