The Amazon Prime sports drama, inspired by true events, is now streaming on the platform. Ben Affleck, our beloved Batman, is back again, but this time as a director. The movie is almost 1.5 hours long and is also available in English. Other than Ben Affleck, the movie stars Matt Damon, Viola Davis, and other stars in lead roles. The movie is written by Alex Convery, and the movie is rated “R”. Here is the review of the film.

The movie follows Sonny Vaccaro, a sales executive for the popular sports brand Nike, but the brand was not popular at that time, and their budget was also limited. They wanted to sign as many athletes as they could in their limited budget, but Sonny only wants to sign Michael Jordan with that budget. Now, the main task is to convince Michael and his family, and overall CEO Phil Knight was also not convinced.

Ben Affleck is a great director. The movie will not feel boring at any point. He doesn’t waste any time showing us long conversations and all. Everything seems perfect in the film, and the screenplay and the backbone of the film, Matt Damon as Sonny, seems the perfect cast for the role.

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But you will feel like the film’s pace is a little fast, and you will not get enough time to connect with any character as their backstory or introduction feels a little incomplete. But this can be ignored as you get to see such a sweet story with great performances. Ben Affleck also plays a small role in the movie, and his presence feels good on the screen.

Overall, the film is a good watch. The story direction and writing are great. The only thing that can disappoint you is the character build-up, but you can ignore it because for some people, it can work as the movie is avoiding the long conversations. The team decides to keep Jordan’s face hidden from the camera and show the story of how they were able to make one of the most successful shoes in the world.

Rating: 4/5

Here is my rating and review of the film. If you want to watch it, you can stream it on Amazon Prime. If you have watched it already, you can tell us your favorite part or rating in the comments below.



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