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Afeni Shakur Religion, Husband, Cause Of Death, Real Image | Hulu

Hulu’s latest documentary shows us the legacy of a very famous hip-hop artist from America, Tupac, and his mother Afeni who was fighting for the rights of black people at that time in America. She was the leader of the Black Panther Party in New York which fought against the discrimination they faced.

To know more about her, you can watch the latest documentary series. Here in this article, we are going to discuss her real life, so let’s get started.

She was one of the 21 members of the Black Panthers who were accused of making plans to attack police stations while she was pregnant with her son Tupac. She faced many difficulties while growing up. Her father, a truck driver, used to exploit her mother when they moved to South Bronx with her sister in 1958.

As shown in the documentary, later in her life, she worked as a mail carrier and became the first female mail carrier in New York. On June 16, 1971, she gave birth to Tupac whose story you can also see in the series. However, her marriage fell apart after that because it was considered that her husband was not the biological father of the son.

She then moved to Baltimore, Maryland, and raised her children on welfare because she had no job to support them. Later, her son became a famous artist and paid tribute to his mother in his song “Dear Mama,” where he showed the early life of his mother.

In 2010, Afeni Shakur was arrested in North Carolina for transporting drugs. She later died on May 2, 2016, after suffering a cardiac arrest. She was 69 years old.


Afeni Shakur Made Sure Tupac's Money and Music Were Protected



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