Adam In ‘Treason’: The Lead Role Of Adam Is Played By the Very Famous Actor Charlie Cox. Cox Is Greatly Known for Playing Matt Murdock/ Daredevil In MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) He Played the Lead Role In The Marvel Series Which Was started In the Year 2015 And Successfully Completed 5 Seasons.

He Recently Appeared In Spiderman No Way Home too played the role of a lawyer Matt Murdock.

Charlie Cox Is A 40 Years Old British Actor He’s From London England He Started His Career In 2002 And Got his First Project Dot The I After That He Got A Big Movie The Merchant Of Venice In 2004 Played Role Of Lorenzo.

He also achieved the Helen Killer Achievement Award For Portraying Daredevil He Got Nominated Several Times For Daredevil.

He Recently Appeared In MCU Series She-Hulk Too He’s Going To Appear In Spiderman: Freshman Year Which Is A Series And Daredevil Born Again Which Is Going to have 18 Episodes Officially Confirmed By Marvel.



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