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Does Adam Dies In ‘Treason’ – Adam Dead Or Alive? | Netflix

Does Adam Dies In ‘Treason’: Netflix’s original limited series ‘Treason’ was released on Netflix a few days back and after the show ends, the biggest question that comes into mind is about the main lead character, Is Adam Dead Or Alive? here we are going to tell you about the ending explanation of the show.

Now coming to the question, Is Adam Dead or Alive?

So at the last moments of the series, we get to see Kara and Adam in the lone place where Angelis’s Agents were burning Confidential documents and converting them into a Digital File, Kara, and Adam Plan to get that Digital Drive, and they wait for the transfer to get over, Meanwhile ‘Maddy‘ also reaches the Yard.

Kara goes to the Place and there she Tries to Pull out the Drive from Angelis’s Agents, In all between these ‘Dede’ also reaches there, During the fights, Kara and Adam Manage to get the Drive, but in all between these ‘Adam’ got trapped at the ‘Dede’s’ Gunpoint.

In the last few minutes of the show, when ‘Maddy’ refuses to Handover the drive to ‘Dede’, Dede Shoots down Adam, Now the question arises is Adam Dead or Alive?

Adam is Dead and it is almost confirmed, We also get to see that the news of Adam’s Death was announced on the Tv too by the news Networks, The body was also found and as it is a limited series, there is a very rare chance that the show will be renewed, If it got renewed, we may get to see how ‘Maddy’ took revenge.

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But as of now, The story of ‘Adam’ is over in the show.



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