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A Rose For Her Grave Movie Summary & Ending Explained: A Rose For Her Grave movie is now available to stream on Lifetime in the English Language, In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie so let’s get started.

The movie starts with a woman drowning in water in her wedding dress Cut to Lori(Chrishell Strause) who is with her recently widowed best friend Cindy and she tells her she will help her in her bad time.

Now five years later both the friends are living together and Lori’s son Tyson also lived with them, Lori makes breakfast and also takes Tyson to a baseball game. The opposite team coach sets Cindy and Randy on a date and Randy takes her number, Cindy was also attracted by her smile.

Randy comes to take Cindy for a date and have a talk with Lori also he surprised that how they live together and are able to afford such a nice house, then we came to know that Randy works as a mechanic. Later on their date, Randy tells her that her wife Janice passed away and the date went well after returning home Cindy tells Lori how good he is.

Randy has a small party in his house and he also invited his friend John and his wife Megan a daughter named Dana, Lori asked Randy about his wife’s died he said that she fell off a mountain while climbing. Then Randy proposes to Cindy and she said yes, he then tells Lori that she can live in the house as long as she wants but he will be also moving there with his son Gerg.

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Later that night Lori heard a scream from Cindy’s room she ran there and found Randy on top of Cindy he said that it is due to PTSD, Now Randy and Cindy leaves for their honeymoon and Randy suggested Dana take care of the kids instead of Lori, which makes her feel so unhappy.

Later in the basement, Lori found a box in which the ashes of Dany’s ex-wife are kept she takes it to Cindy, but she takes this as a personal attack and throws Lori out of the house,
After some time Lori heard a piece of news about Cindy’s death by drowning in the water she rushed towards her house, and asked Randy what happened, he said that it was an accident, and he takes custody of all the children he treat them like they were in the military.

The nightmares of Cindy drowning keep Lori haunted and he by making a police report tries to take back custody of Tyson, and the police aggress to take a look at her death.

Lori then meets the former fiancé of Randy named Mary Jo Philips whose story is also the same as Cindy but she was able to escape. Police then searches Cindy’s house but found nothing, but when they going to leave they found a diary of Cindy, but the evidence is not enough to arrest Randy.

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In the end police by taking statements of all the living victims of Randy’s, is able to arrest him and declare him a serial murderer.


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