Yakuza Lover Disney+: Yakuza Lover is an upcoming Disney+ Original Series Which Is All Set To Stream On Disney+ On 28th December 2022 In the Japanese Language, This Show Is A Crime Romantic Drama Series.

This Show Is Adapted From A Manga Series With The Same Name The Age Rating Of The Show Is 16+ Only Audiences Above The Age Of 16 can Watch This Series, This Show Is Going To stream with 10 Episodes But the This Show Will Be Streaming On Weekly Basis Every Week New Episodes Will Arrive.

For Indian audiences, This show is going to stream On Disney+ Hotstar There are High Chances This Show Will Stream In Hindi Dubbed Language Too.

Show Revolves Around The Life Of A Feisty College Student Yuri Who Always Dreams About A Man Who Will Love Her The Way She is But She Gets Into A Messy And Dangerous Love Affair She Falls In Love With The Young Boss Of Yakuza Syndicate.

The Cast Of The Show Is Yuta Furukawa, Fumika Baba, Ko Nanase, Jyutaro Yamanaka, Yuka Nakao, and Manami Hashimoto in the main lead roles, The show also stars Kenya Ohsumi, Kanta Arisawa, and Maira Arai, Daisuke Sagawa, Shizuka Nakamura, Mario Kuroba And Keito Kimura In Key Roles.

Whats your take on the show? Are you excited for it?, Please let us know in the comments.



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