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Yaba In Alice In Borderland – Who Plays Yaba In Season 2?

Yaba In Alice In Borderland: Another new character from the Netflix original series Alice In Borderland season 2, season 2 released a few days back, and now here we are going to tell you all about the Yaba character, we are going to tell you about the real name of the actor who is Playing the role.

The role of Yaba is Played by Maiguma Katsuya, he has around 29k Followers on social media and, hopes he will get more and more fame in the upcoming days.

He is a contestant in the Jack Of Hearts game where he’s one of the finalists of the game along with Banda and Chishiya. He is someone who wants to conquer the game country and teams up with Banda into torturing the Jack of Hearts and accepts permanent residency in the game country.

The show is now available on Netflix.



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