Woman of The Dead Totenfrau Season 2: Woman of The Dead also known as Totenfrau is an Austrian web series, The series is created by Barbara Stepansky, Benito Mueller, and Wolfgang Mueller.

The show Follows the story of Blum, whose life turned upside down after the death of her husband mark. Mark was killed in a car crash, Blum thinks this as a simple car crash that killed her husband, but after getting a call from a mysterious woman, she found that it’s not as simple as it looks. Blue goes on a vengeful quest to find out who killed her husband mark.

The series stars Anna Maria Mühe Yousef Sweid, Hans-Uwe Bauer, Felix Klare, Emilia Pieske, Lilian Rosskopf, and Romina Küper in the main lead roles, The series also stars Simon Schwarz, Sebastian Hülk, Shenja Lacher, Gregor Bloéb, Robert Palfrader, Michou Friesz and more.

The series was released on January 05, 2022, on Netflix and it total has 6 Episodes. The series did not end in season 01, and I think Woman of The Dead needs season 2 to get a proper and satisfying ending.

Woman of The Dead is Officially not renewed for season 2, but it might be renewed for Season 2, it’s getting very good reviews from audiences and critics saying it is a Bone-Chilling Thriller Series.

If Woman of the Dead is renewed for season 2 it might Release in the Summer of 2024 On Netflix.



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