Will Downing In ‘3 Body Problem’: Netflix presents “3 Body Problem”, a science fiction thriller series in eight episodes. Many scientists started dying without knowing the exact reason and the secret intelligence started to find out who or why they all died. All lead to the conclusion that it was all an illusion-controlled murder by the aliens which was called as San-Ti.

San-Ti with their followers from earth start putting their threat against the Earth as they are coming to earth in 400 years. The government and scientists trying to defend the earth and also stop the incoming of San-Ti is the core plot of this series.

Will Downing’s character is played by Alex Sharp. Alex Sharp is a well-established actor who does an excellent job at portraying the roles he gets. Alex Sharp very easily handles the roles he gets. He is an actor with a passion for acting for a long time. Alex Sharp lived in the role of Will Downing. Alex Sharp is known for his performances in The Hustle (2019), The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020), The Sunlit Night (2019), How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2017) and To the Bone (2017).

Will Downing is part of the Oxford 5 team. He is an intelligent guy. Will Downing is very friendly with his co-workers and friends. Will Downing worked as a teacher and he was very good at his job. He had a crush and love towards Jin Cheng for a long time. But he couldn’t express it or tell her. Will Downing was very shy and afraid of Jin Cheng saying NO towards him. He thought it would break their friendship.

Will Downing had pancreatic cancer in 4th stage. He was dying day by day. Will Downing was very close to Jack Rooney and Saul Durand. The death of Jack Rooney affected Will Downing emotionally. Will Downing never tell others about his disease than his close friends? Even he told Jack Rooney and Saul Durand not to tell Jin Cheng. Also, he warned not to tell his affection towards Jin Cheng as she is in love with Raj.

Will Downing’s character has the most emotional connection in this series. The emotional scenes of him were really great. Will Downing’s cancer got worse and it was hurting him badly. After Jack Rooney’s death Saul Durand told Will Downing that Jack left his will of his shares to Will and charity. As Will Downing was in hospital the doctors called his only family which was his sister and brother. They don’t have any affection towards Will and Will’s mother left her will for Will, not her other children. So Will’s siblings came there to ask his will to them as he was dying. Will said okay to transfer to them.

Will Downing bought the star for Jin Cheng spending millions he got after Jack Rooney’s death. It showed how much he loved Jin Cheng. When the staircase project needed someone’s brain, Will Downing said okay not because he sacrificed for humans but for Jin Cheng. Jin Cheng was the only reason he gave himself for this project. His brain was preserved inside the probe and went to space. After his going Jin Cheng got to know he loved her very much. She went to tears thinking about him.

That’s all about the character of Will Downing from ‘3 Body Problem’. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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