Jin Cheng In ‘3 Body Problem’ Actress Name: Netflix presents a novel-based science fiction show called ‘3 Body Problem’. This Magnum Opus tv series is created by the masterminds of the world’s biggest show ‘Game of Thrones’. The plot revolves around a bunch of well-known scientists around the world who try their best to overcome the attack of an alien organisation. 400 years in future, the aliens will invade the Earth and take control of the resources, they make a plan to achieve this feat with the help few traitors from the Earth.

Jin Cheng plays a very important role in the show ‘3 Body Problem‘. Without her intelligence and ideas, there’s no way the world can survive the future Alien attack. Jin Cheng’s character is portrayed by New Zealand actress Jess Hong. She has a native Chinese family touch, she acted as an Asian character in many Hollywood movies and tv shows. Her notable works include The Brokenwood Mysteries (2014), Inked (2021) and Creamerie (2021).

Jess Hong did an exceptional performance in the role of Jin Cheng. The plot revolves around Jin Cheng and her friends in most of the parts. Jin Cheng is the most wanted physicist in the world, who planned and executed the Staircase project to research extraterrestrial enemies. She was already chosen by the San-Ti for their bigger plans on earth, but she rejected their request after they killed her close friend Jack Rooney.

Jin Cheng committed with a loyal military officer, Raj Varma. Her boyfriend Raj Varma is a caring person and he treats her in the best ways. Raj Varma adjusted his life many times for her, his family members also likes Jin Cheng like their own daughter. She is very much close with Auggie Salazar, Will, Jack Rooney and Saul Durand. She’s part of the top five physicist gang from Oxford University. She had a great connection with Dr. Vera and her mother Ye Wenjie.

Jin Cheng got depressed after the death of Dr Vera, when Jin Cheng met Ye Wenjie at Vera’s house, She gave the VR headset to Jin Cheng deliberately. She started playing the game, and eventually, she got addicted to the game and invested herself in it emotionally. Jin Cheng believed that she could save the World if she kept Playing the game and solving the riddles. Jin Cheng wants to save the child, who’s seen inside the game every time she joins. The kid actually developed an emotional bond with Jin Cheng, which is the main reason her for playing the game.

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Jin Cheng gathered so much information to level up her rank in the game, her close friend Jack Rooney also helped her with the research. Initially, she plays her part alone, but after the second level, she joined with Jack Rooney to save the world. On that level, she went to meet Pope Gregory along with Jack Rooney. Inside the game, her name is Copernicus, she used to wear different costumes according to the civilization she’s in. Jin Cheng explained the behaviour of the sun to the Pope.

She explained that, If their planet revolves around one of the suns in a stable orbit, that’s a stable era and if one of the other suns snatches their planet away, they wander through the gravitational fields of all three suns and that’s a chaotic era. Pope Gregory wasn’t satisfied with the answers of Jin Cheng aka Copernicus, he ordered his men to burn her alive.

Jin Cheng believed that she could solve the issues of the civilization, but she couldn’t to meet their expectations. Jin Cheng is one of the top physicists in the world, with her intelligence she can save the from the aliens. Once she met Tatiana, Jin Cheng understood the real threats the world going to face in 400 years. One way or another she blamed herself for the death of Jack Rooney. Jin Cheng introduced the game to Jack Rooney, she thinks that because of her he died.

Will is another important character of this show who has a huge crush on Jin Cheng. He loves her more than anything in the world. He was diagnosed with a severe disease, but still he wants to spend time with her. Will got some money in their hands and he spends a huge amount to buy a star in the name of Jin Cheng.He bought it anonymously and ordered his friend Saul, not to tell Jin Cheng at any time.

Jin Cheng’s relationship was stable and happy untill she started playing the game. After the game, she lost her mental peace, she spent more time on the fantasy game than on her real-life relationship. Jin Cheng found out that the anonymous purchase of the star in her name was made by Will, when she wanted to express her gratitude towards him, he had already been dismantled into different parts. Jin Cheng got emotionally sick after losing Will, she later found out that he loved her more than anything in the world.

That’s all about the character of Jin Cheng from ‘3 Body Problem’. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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