Why Hee-Shin Marry To Gwang-li?: Netflix original Korean Drama Show, ‘Song Of The Bandits’ is now streaming on Netflix. The show ended with lots of unanswered questions and here goes the answers and explanations of few of them.

The last episode of the series was super fun, but it ended without answering various questions. The love story of Lee Yoon and Naam Hee-Shin is incomplete, and in the last few minutes of the episode, we get to see that Hee-Shin is marrying Gwang Li. It was heartbreaking for many of us, and now here we are going to explain to you why Hee-Shin married Gwang-li and why didn’t meet Lee Yoon.

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The last few minutes of the episode were emotional too. Let’s have a small recap of the last few moments of the show. After rescuing Chhong Soo from the jail and the policemen, Lee Yoon decides to visit Mayejong again because he was missing Hee-Shin. When he reaches his village, Hee-Shin sees him, but as she was on a mission, her first priority was to save the country. Thus, she decides not to meet him. Although she visits the railway station to see Lee Yoon for the last time, Lee Yoon sees her, but he doesn’t utter a word and boards the train. Thus, Lee Yoon leaves the village without meeting or talking with Hee-shin.

On the other hand, we also learn that Gwang Li now knows that Hee-Shin is working undercover for the Independence Army, and he becomes very upset about it. In the next frame, we see that Hee-Shin and Gwang-li are married to each other, and Lee Yoon is leaving the village on a train.

The biggest question after such a sad ending is: Why did Hee-Shin marry Gwang-li? The answer was given by Hee-Shin in the last moments of the show itself. The nation and independence come first for Hee-Shin, and she can go to any extent to save the nation and its people. Gwang-li was in the army, and he was the only way to get information related to army operations. Thus, Hee-Shin decided that she was sacrificing her love for her country, and that’s why she was marrying Gwang-li.

Now, many of you may ask, “What will happen to Hee-Shin now?” Gwang-li knows everything about Hee-Shin, and this could be trouble for her. There are significant chance that Gwang-li will torture Hee-Shin, and she will be saved by Lee Yoon. For that, we need to wait for season 2 of the show.

This is the answer to all your questions. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.


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