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Who Plays ‘Sweety’ In ‘Justified City Primeval’: Actor Name, Character Explained

Who Plays ‘Sweety’ In ‘Justified City Primeval’: Marcus “Sweety” Sweeton is a supporting character or this series. As people want to know more, we are going discuss who played with an explanation of his character.

In the series, the character ” Marcus ‘Sweety’Sweeton” is played by Vondie Curtis-Hall. He is a 72-year-old American actor. Some of his Movies are “Gridlock’d”(1997), “Glitter “(2001), ” The Night House “(2020), “Passion Fish”(1992), “Deceit”(2004), “Breaking Brooklyn (2017). He did series like ” The Recruit”(2022), “Chicago Hope”(1994-2000),”” Daredevil (2015-2018), ” for the People “(2018-2019), etc.

In the series, he is a local bar owner. Previously he used to be a Singer later he became owner. He also partners in the crime of Clement Mansell. But not only this , He is very close to Carolyn because in her childhood days, he used to take care of her.

He has emotions & humanity not like Clement that’s why he always tried to stop Clement from doing any wrong step but he failed. At the end of this series, He died in the hands of Clement Mansell. In this whole series, his acting & journey will be remarkable.

That’s all about Marcus “Sweety” Sweeton, if you have more questions you can ask in the comment section.


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