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Who Plays ‘Sally’ In ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’: Actor Name, Character Explained

‘Sally’ In ‘The lost flowers of Alice Hart’: Sally is also a crucial supporting Character from the series The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart. As people want to know about her we are gonna discuss her character.

In the series, the character of Sally is played by Asher Keddie who is a 49-year-old Australian Actress. She did movies like “Rams”(2020,”Dark Whispers – Volume 1″(2019),”Hawke”(2010),”X-Men Origins: Wolverine”(2009), “The Hunting”(2019), “The Cry”(2018), “Party Tricks”(2014), “Offspring”(2010), “Underbelly”(2008), “Love My Way”(2004), “The Last Frontier”(1986).

Sally is a local librarian. But she knows about the Hart family. Because once upon a time she used to love Clem Hart & ended up with a pregnancy. Later she married with John & give birth of her first child name Gemma. She didn’t reveal about Clem that time near to her husband but confessed it earlier.

Agnes used to came in the library & tried to met her . Agnes also wanted from her to take care of Alice & her brother. Sally tried a lot but couldn’t adopt Alice, because she was taken by her grandmother. But, She got Alice’s brother Charlie & brought up as their own child.

Her character was polite & helpful. She saw danger in Agnes & Alice’s eye so started to taken care of both of them. That’s all about Sally , if you have any questions feel free to ask.



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