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Who Is Pawanastra In Brahmastra Little Tenzing – Actor Name?

Who Is Pawanastra In Brahmastra: Little Tenzing aka Pawanastra is one of the crucial characters of Ranbir Kapoor’s film Brahmstra, the film is getting a great response from the audiences and there are many questions too, One of the biggest questions is Who Is Playing as Pawanastra in the film? Here are the details;

Pawanastra is another Astra that gives the wielder the power to control one of the elemental powers of nature which is Wind. The wielder can control wind and can move or float objects, even people in the air as we saw in the film where the young Astra wielder helped Isha by floating her in the air.

Pawanstra is Played by Stanzin Delek, the more about the is not available in the Public domain, we will update all the details regarding him super soon, our team is trying hard to get the info regarding him.

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