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Jalastra In Brahmastra – Jal Devi | Who Played Jalastra ?

Jalastra In Brahmastra – Jal Devi | Who Played Jalastra ?: Brahmastra: Part 1 titled “Shiva” has been released in the theatres now and the film has not only given us great VFX but also some questions that will keep haunting us until the second part officially releases. It’s Bahubali Time All over again. However, one of the questions is “Who played Jalastra?”.

Jalastra was shown only one time in the movie when Guru Arvind aka Amitabh Bachchan was telling the story of Amrita & Dev to their son Shiva who is the main protagonist of Brahmastra Part 1 and when Dev was power hungry and went for the full power of Brahmastra so he could be Brahmadev, no one could stop him until Jalastra came.

The visual of Jalastra coming out of the sea or taking the seas with her, the battle happened on an island that broke down into the sea after the battle, That is the only visual of Jalastra that we know.

As of right now, there’s no news regarding who played Jalastra but there is this one news that Ranveer & Deepika were offered roles in Brahmastra but we do not know if this is true or not. If this were to be true and Ranveer to be Dev, then Deepika would be Amrita and that would make her the Jalastra.

This is speculation that we think might be correct. We do not have any definite proof to back this.

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