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Brahmadev In Brahmastra – Trishul | Who Is Brahmadev?

Brahmadev In Brahmastra: Brahmastra: Part 1 titled “Shiva” has been released in the theatres now and the film has not only given us great VFX but also some questions that will keep haunting us until the second part officially releases. It’s Bahubali Time All over again. However, one of the questions is “Who played Brahmadev”.

This question needs some clarification because Brahmadev in the movie is not one, Mouni Roy’s character Junoon was referring to her master Dev who is also the father of Shiva (Ranbir’s character). Dev was too ambitious as a wielder of Astras that it did not stop his thirst for more when he already wielded more than 5 Astras together, he wanted more.

More as in, he wanted to wield Brahmastra and become Brahmadev which he will be able to once he tames the Gods of all Astras, The Brahmastra.

Now, the person who is shown in the movie portraying Dev is not shown fully but there are speculations regarding that person. It was in the news right before the release of Brahmastra Part 1 that Ranveer & Deepika were offered a role or will be there in Brahmastra 2 we do not know if this is true or not but if it were to be true, Dev’s physique matches to that of Ranveer Singh and well, he does look great in long hair as we’ve seen in his previous films like Padmaavat.



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