What Happened In Lonavala: If I say this is the biggest question that needs an answer right now, then It would not be a hyperbolic statement, well, almost everyone needs an answer to this question and this was the reason why many of us were more interested to watch the series, Sadly there is no clear cut answer to the question in the Family Man season 2, but we would try to guess and explained what really happened at Lonavala between Arvind and Suchi.

From the first episode itself, it was clear that there was something happened at Lonavala and it made suchi very uncomfortable and disturbed, she can be seen in stress, in pain and she is confused, how to react to the situation, although makers hadn’t made any clear cut hint that Suchi and Arvind get physical at Lonavala but one thing is clear that Suchi cheated on Srikanth and that’s why she is confused and stressed about what to do?

Now coming to the theories, according to me, Suchi and Arvind just kissed each other at Lonavala and then suchi Slaps Arvind, there is a scene from Suchi’s office where she was talking to Arvind and she said, sorry for being Harsh to you, “i am not that type of women” and then Arvind Said – it’s okay. So my theory is that Arvind and Suchi came close, they kissed each other, and then all of sudden suchi realizes that she is doing wrong and she slaps Arvind left that place.

There is another theory that they get physical and Suchi thinks that she did wrong and she cheated with Srikant and that’s why she was depressed and distracted throughout the series, well this theory is a little weak, still the conversation of Suchi with the doctor make it a valid point, where doctor advises Suchi that Don’t say anything to Srikant it would ruin your marriage.

Well, from my point of view, Suchi and Arnvid Just kissed at Lonavala and nothing else happened and suchi thinks that she has cheated on Srikant so she wants to tell everything to him.

What are your theories on it? , what do your guys think? please let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates like this, stay tuned with us.


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  1. Viraj Gavas on

    Bc aisa konsa doctor hota hai…, ke guilt meh reho per aapne partner se sach mat bolo… Wahaaa

  2. 💯 % Suchi and Arvind has made physical in counter that’s why in 2nd season all the time Suchi is worried 😟

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