The Family Man 2 Review: This Nail-Biting Thriller Would Make Your Day

The Family Man 2 Review
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The Family Man 2 Review: Expectations from this series were quite high and The Family Man Season 2 just got released a few hours back on Prime Video. I just finished watching the series and here is the full detailed review. I am going to talk about the performances, plot, and few highlights alongside the drawbacks of the series.

The web series “The Family Man” is created by Raj & DK. It stars Manoj Bajpayee, Sharib Hashmi, Priyamani, and Samantha in lead roles. The series has a total of 9 episodes and all episodes are approx 40-60 minutes long. The series is available in Hindi audio with English subtitles. It contains the use of Strong Languages, Skin Show, and other verbal communication which are not suitable to watch with family. So the series is not family-friendly.


The plot of the series starts from where it ended in season 1, Shrikanth (Played by Manoj Bajpayee) has left the Job at Special Task and he is now working at 9 to 5 job, on the other hand, Terrorist Sameer who was behind the Mission Zulfikar has now joined with Tamil Rebels and they are planning a new attack on India, Indian authorities are now aware of this and they start the mission to prevent the attack. The best thing is Srikanth has joined the task and the trio is back again on the work, would they able to prevent the attack? what was the plan of the Rebels, to know this you have to watch the full web series on Amazon Prime Video?


The best thing about the web series is that the makers get the freedom to cast some brilliant actors and there is no pressure of face value and this results in some amazing casting in the series. The series is full of power-packed performances. Not even a single actor has done a poor job. Everyone is just amazing and so brilliant that no one can take their eyes off them. Manoj Bajapaye is a legend and he keeps proving that, again and again. This season is more about his body language and expressions than his actions. The way he has played the role of a disturbed dad, a husband, and on the other hand a sharp-minded TASC officer is just brilliant. Everything from his expressions to dialogue delivery is just amazing. On top of that, he never fails to make us laugh with his comic timing.

Coming to Samantha Akkineni, she is doing a never seen before avatar, and trust me, she is amazing in her job. She looks brutal, angry, and intense at the same time and this was the best thing about her character. Her fight sequences were Jaw-dropping and she is all over the series. Priyamani looks good in her role too. Sharib Hashmi was equally brilliant and he looks perfect as the partner of Srikanth. The phone story associated with JK’s character is very funny and it would make you laugh every time he makes that innocent face. I would also like to mention that kid who is playing the role of Atharv(the younger son of Shrikanth). He is just too brilliant and he is the best comic character from the series for me. He was one of the characters who added major comedy to the series. The rest of the actors like Sunny Hinduja, Sharad Kelkar, and Darshan Kumar were also equally good in their own roles as well.


The series starts relatively slow and that is the only drawback of season 2 as compared to season 1. Till episode 4, the series looks a little long and it lacks that thrill element. But after 4th episode, it gains momentum and it keeps us engaged till the very end. The screenplay of the series is just amazing, the comedy is brilliant and the editing makes it a perfect watch. There are some illogical scenes too but those can be ignored and they don’t degrade the quality of the series that much. The locations shown in the series are amazing and it gives a major boost to the series’ authenticity.

Well, I have one question for the makers – Why have you guys put so many Tamil dialogues in the series when there is already a separate Tamil-dubbed version of the series? The music of the series is good and the song at the outro gives the vibes of pain, sacrifices, and love for the nation. Except for few flaws like the slow start and few illogical sequences, everything was just perfect.

  • Name Of The Series: The Family Man 2
  • Release Date: 4th June 2021
  • Platform: Prime Video
  • Episodes: 9
  • Duration: 40-60 Minutes Each Episode
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Did I like It?: Yes
  • Recommended?: Yes
  • Family-Friendly?: No


I am going with 4 out of 5 stars for the series, the series must watch for those who loved season 1, the series is full of thrill, comedy, and some power-packed performances, the series starts a little slow but when it gains momentum, it keeps you glued to the screen till the end, the series is not a family-friendly show, so avoid watching it with Kids and Family.

This was our’s The Family Man Season 2  Review, what are your thoughts about the series, please let us know in the comment section, for more news and review, stay tuned with STREAMINGDUE.

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