What Are The Odds Review : Abhay Deol is known for the content-driven films and when he announces the Netflix original movie ‘ What are the odds?’ the expectations were quite high, the movie is now released on Netflix and here we are going to review the movie from all segments.

The movie stars some great young talents from Hindi films industry, the movie stars Karanveer Malhotra ( Selection Day Fame) and Yashiswini Dayama along with the Abhay Deol himself, the movie is divided into chapters and each chapter is narrated by Abhay Deol, if we go for a one-line review, The movie is boring except few scenes. Let’s talk about the movie in detail.

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Netflix’s What Are The Odds Review;

  • Name Of The Series – What Are The Odds?
  • Star Cast – Karanveer Malhotra, Yashiswini Dayama
  • Created By – Megha Ramaswamy
  • Release Date – 20th May 2020
  • Platform – Netflix
  • Rating – 2.5
  • Recommended? – No
Plot Of The Movie 


The movie stars at a college where a girl Vivek ( Played by Yashiswini Dayama) tries to bunk her examination, she stole her examination card from the teacher and pretend that her Admit card was not issued by the department, during all of these events, she mistakenly stole the Admit Card of Ashwin ( played by Karanveer Malhotra), they both come out from the Examination center and from here the unusual story begins.

There are dancing people on road, there is talking fish, there is a bar with no managers, there is a man pissing from the rooftop and growing vegetables and many more odd things, I think this was the main reason behind the title of the movie, but the sad part is the story fails to impress, except at few places the story is dull and boring. There are few more things in the movie that we can’t revel as these are spoilers for the movie.



The best part of the movie is, acting ones by the stars in the movie, Karanveer Malhotra and Yashiswini Dayama are brilliant in the movie, their acting the movie is the only thing that worth your time, these are the main lead and barely any other actor get screen presence, Abhay Deol is awesome as always in his little role.



The extra half star is for the acting performances, the movie lacks at many points, the story is very week, there is no screenplay and editing and you keep waiting for something exciting to happen in the movie, the movie is mostly in English language and barely any Hindi lover would watch it, it would be better if you skip it, still you have nothing to do and want to watch, what pure acting is called, you can binge it for two amazing actors of young generations.

If you have already watched it, please let us know your review of the movie in the comment section, for more updates like this on digital and web content stay tuned with us.


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