The Playlist Is An Recently Released Netflix Original Documentary Series Based On The Startup Idea Of the Top Music Streaming App Spotify, Today Spotify Is Leading The Global Chart, In the show, there are some fictional moments also.

We’ve curated A Collection For You Those Who Loved The Playlist You’re Also Going to love these also.


HBO Max’s Succession This Show Is A Dark Comedy Drama that Revolves around the life of the Roy Family Who are the owners Of The Biggest Media And Entertainment Corporation In The World Known As WayStar Royco.

But Something Takes An Unusual Turn Because, Of That Twists Comes, You can relate To The Playlist While Watching How Politics Is Involved In Business.


Startup Created By Ben Ketai, Available On OTT Platform Crackle, Startup Is A Crime Drama Series that Revolves Around The Introduction Of GenCon. Just A New Kind Of Digital Currency. But it goes Into the Wrong Hands To witness The Story You should watch this show.

Silicon Valley

The Much Loved Show Silicon Valley This Show Already Having A Great Fanbase Fact We Don’t Have To Tell You The Name Also. HBO Max”s Silicon Valley Is A Show That Follows The Life Of Young Entrepreneurs And Supports Them In Their Startups.

In this show, you’ll see various Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs In Their Startups. Just Like The Playlist

Super pumped The Battle For Uber

Showtimes Super Pumped Is A Very Great Show In India It Is Available To watch On Voot. This is available in the Hindi language too, This Show Is An Biographical Drama Series that Revolves Around The Life Of The CEO Of Uber.

In this show, you’re going to witness The Story Of Uber and How It all was Startled We Strongly Recommend This Show.

The Dropout

Hulu’s Original Show The Dropout is Based On The ABC News Podcast Hosted By Rebecca Jarvis. This show is another Biographical Drama Series Created By Elizabeth Meriwether.

The Story Of The Show Revolves Around Life Kf Elizabeth Holmes She Comes Up With A Startup Company Named “Theranos” but she gets Exposed Because Of Fraudulent Ways Of Doing Business.



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