Web Series Like/Similar To Breath: Into the shadows, Season 2:The whodunnit mystery thriller series Breathe: Into The Shadows released recently and people loved the series very much. The show was praised for its mysterious tone and performances of the cast were acclaimed everywhere. People liked the idea of split personality villain and Abhishek Bachchan did a great job in this complex role. After watching the show people wanted to see more shows like this and we are here to tell you about them.

Asur: Welcome To Your Dark Side

Asur is a mystery thriller series that premiered this year on Voot. The series was a slow burn at the start of its Release but subsequently earned viewership mainly due to its storyline and screenplay. Many called it one of the best in recent times. The show had a mythological angle to the show which fascinated many people including me. The show has garnered a cult fan following and people are anxiously waiting for its season 2.

Breathe Season 1

Breathe: Into the Shadows was the second season of the web series. The storyline in the season is completely different and only Kabir Sawant is the constant here. The season 1 also had a great pinpoint sharp plot which made the series popular and it also stars Madhavan.

Criminal Justice

The official Hindi adaptation of the 2008 BBC series of the same name. Criminal Justice made noises when it released in 2019. With the main praise been directed to the cast instead of the story. The show stars Vikrant Massey, Jackie Shroff in the lead. Both of them did a tremendous job. The story follows Aditya who is framed for a murder he didn’t commit of a girl. All the evidence is against Aditya because the girl who died had spent the night with him and her body was found beside him. How will he get out?  The series also has Pankaj Tripathi in the supporting role.

Delhi Crime

The show created headlines the moment it was announced, and it was because the show was set around the famous Delhi R@pe Case of 2012. The show revolves around the aftermath of that night and how the police tackle the situation and the pressures of society and media. The Police continue its investigation to find out the culprits who did this and bring them to justice. The show is an eye-opener for everyone and deserves a watch.


This is an adaptation of the Israeli series. The show revolves around a doctor who is supposed to perform a surgery on the Chief Minister of the state. But before the surgery, she gets to know that her family has been captured and taken hostages by some people who demand that her patient to be should not survive the Operation. Will she give in to the demands and kill an innocent for the safety of the family? Watch the show to find out.

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