We Have a Ghost Story Ending Explained (Netflix): We Have a Ghost is an American family comedy horror drama film directed by Christopher Landon. It is based on the popular 2017 short film Ernest, created by Geoff Manaugh.

It stars David Harbour in the lead role and follows the story of a haunted house where we meet a ghost named Ernest.

Whereas in this article I will attempt to explain the ending of this film, which follows us around a new house that is haunted by a ghost named Ernest and where we meet Kevin, who has created a YouTube channel in order to popularise the ghost and discover the truth about him, in this article I will attempt to break down the ending.

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Quick Recap

As the film begins, we are introduced to Frank and his family, which includes his wife and two sons, who have recently moved to a new house. While looking around the house, Kevin encounters a ghost, and on his shirt, it says “Ernest,” so he begins calling him that name.

After some time, we notice that Kevin is more connected to Ernest, and we tell him that he should try to find out what happened to him and why he is still alive even though he is dead. So, he asks for the help of his neighbor named Joy, and while searching, they find that his name is Ernest Scheller, who is the owner of the house, and he lives there many years later.

Later, they want to know more about him and ask him about himself. Ernest reveals that his real name is Randy MacGovern and that his wife’s name is Evelyn, whereas Evelyn’s sister is married to Ernest, and we learn that Evelyn died while giving birth to their daughter, whose name they gave June, and Randy is left to raise her alone.

The scene shifts to show Randy telling them that he left June to Ernest and that he wasn’t able to raise her, implying that he is abandoning her and that no one knew anything about him until now when we see him as a ghost. Where did we discover that everything was a lie?

Ending Explained: Randy’s True Identity

However, in the true flashback story, we see that Randy raised June with proper love and care, whereas his wife’s sister couldn’t have any children, so she decided to raise June, and Ernest killed Randy, and Ernest took his shirts and put them on Randy’s body, and Ernest buried Randy’s body in the garden, while June was around 4 years old and grew up with Ernest until she was an adult.

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As a result, he was hit in the house and turned into a ghost, whose real name is Randy rather than Ernest. Ernest was killed because he did not get what he wanted, whereas Randy finally met his daughter June, and she became emotional. Then, he disappears as his desire to meet his daughter is over, and the movie ends on a sweet note.

This is the proper explanation of this film, along with the ending explanation, while I try to explain all the details about the film. Also, let me know in the comment box how much you like this film.



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